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Site Rules. The site policy is available to read here.

6th Edition Files. Please note that 6th edition files will not be released until at least the end of July, and likely later than this. The final version of the 5th Edition files are now out as version 1.47. We will not be supporting 5th Edition now. Maintainers may release a patch to catch any last bugs but that is down to the individual.

General and Bug Reporting. Please note that we only support AB3.2d, AB3.3, and AB3.4, and not AB3.1 or AB2.x. When reporting bugs or requesting changes or updates please provide as much detail as possible, i.e. the file version, any patches installed, what rules were selected and steps taken to reproduce the bug - this makes it a lot easier for the maintainers to fix problems.

New Files. As mentioned in the FAQs in AB, on this site and in the relevant forums there is a minimum one month embargo on the latest release date on files when a new codex is released. Do not ask for it early!

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Current File Version 1.40

The latest file version is 1.40 and includes corrections to the latest addition of Codex Tyranids as well as other updates, bugfixes and corrections to items noted in the bug tracker. WARNING: It is highly recommended that a new AB40k6 folder be started as many files have been added, renamed and deleted...

It will only be available via the auto-update function within Army Builder, or the Supplemental Downloads page on the Lone Wolf site. It will not be available for download from the site....

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Bug Tracker

40k 6th Edition Files Open Tickets Closed Tickets  
Bug tracker 404 464 View statistics
40k core files 22 37  
Adeptus Sororitas 15 2  
Apocalyse 1 0  
Black Templars 22 2  
Blood Angels 13 8  
Chaos Daemons 1 28  
Chaos Space Marines 74 36  
Daemonhunters 0 0  
Dark Angels 53 26  
Dark Eldar 0 7  
Eldar 10 55  
Grey Knights 14 5  
Imperial Armour and other lists 29 84  
Imperial Guard 4 24  
Imperial Knights 1 0  
Inquisition 12 2  
Necrons 8 13  
Orks 8 19  
Space Marines 86 38  
Space Wolves 14 13  
Tau Empire 8 44  
Tyranids 7 21  
Witch Hunters 0 0