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Infantry/Veteran Squad heavy weapons wrong points values


I will preface this by saying I have fixed the issue myself, and that this ticket is primarily for you all to incorporate the fix on your end for future updates. Hopefully this is alright.

The issue is, when you select a heavy weapon for the infantry squad the unit is 3 points cheaper than it is supposed to be. For example, if I had an infantry squad with a mortar, it should be 49 points. This would be 40 points for the infantry squad, and 9 points for the mortar. However, in Army Builder the cost would show up as 46 points (after I corrected the cost of the mortar to 9 points instead of 5, that is).

Similarly, the cost of the Veteran squad was low by 5 points when a heavy weapon was added.

The cause of the issue lies with how the Heavy Weapon Team is created. The Heavy Weapon Team is derived from the Veteran Heavy Weapon Team, except when it is used on an Infantry squad its name is changed to "Heavy Weapon Team" and its ballistics skill is changed to 4+. However, the cost of the team does not change, and the base cost of the Veteran Heavy Weapon Team is 5. For the Veteran Heavy Weapon Team, the points cost should be 10 as the base cost of 50 points for the Veteran Squad never changes. Accordingly, the Heavy Weapon Team for the Infantry squad should be 8 points, but it adopts the cost of the Veteran Heavy Weapons Team, which is why the Veteran squads were 5 points cheaper and the infantry squads were 3 points cheaper. To fix this, the PostLink for the Veteran Heavy Weapons Team should instead read:

if (parent.tagis[unitid.astInfS] > 0) then = "Heavy Weapons Team"
unit.basestat[usBS] = 4
@single = maximum(@single-2,0)

This will deduct 2 points from the Veteran Heavy Weapons Team when it becomes a Heavy Weapons Team. Beyond that, it should just be an issue of correcting the cost of heavy weapons, which, with the latest FAQs and Chapter Approved, are as follows:

Autocannon: 10
Heavy Bolter: 8
Lascannon: 15
Missile Launcher: 10
Mortar: 9

Hope this helps you guys out! :)


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