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Issue with increasing Kabalite Warriors squad size


When increasing the size of a Kabalite Warriors Squad from the Codex: Drukhari, the entry is invalidated when a squad size greater than 8 models (including Sybarite) is selected. The invalidation report reads "Kabalite Warriors: Too many Iridium Suits"

Iridium Suits is not an item from Codex: Drukhari

Squad size for the Kabalite Warriors reads:

This unit contains 1 Sybarite and 4 Kabalite Warriors. It can include up to 5 additional Kabalite Warriors (Power Rating +2), up to 10 additional Kabalite Warriors (Power Rating +4), or up to 15 additional Kabalite Warriors (Power Rating +6). Each model is armed with a splinter rifle.


Posted by Homer_S » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:36 am

Reuse of an eld? stat within a Tau rule. i restricted that rule to Tau rosters only for next release


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