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Wolf Guard units with "Exchange Weapons" selected may only choose 2 options, regardless of number of units


Problem Description
- Given the included Roster Settings
- When a unit of Wolf Guard is added to a Brigade Detachment
- And the model count for base units is set to 9
- And the "Exchange Weapons" option is selected for the Wolf Guard models
- When the user selects wargear options for the Wolf Guard models
- Then it is observed that only 2 options total may be selected (2x Power Fist or 1x Power Fist + 1x Storm Shield, etc)
- And the user is unable to fully kit out the unit with equipment

Additional/Related Problem
- Given the core problem scenario
- When the "Additional Units" -> "Wolf Guard" button is pressed
- Then the original model count of the Wolf Guard models is decreased by 1
- And a new sub-unit line item of Wolf Guard is created with model count 1
- And a new sub-sub-unit line item of Wolf Guard Pack Leader is created with model count 1
- And the overall model count in the army is increased by 2
- And the new sub-unit Wolf Guard exhibit the same defective wargear selection behavior as the core problem scenario

Screenshots of all exhibited behavior located at

Roster Settings:
- Army Selection
-- Open Play
- Roster Restrictions
-- [Open Play] Use Detachments
-- Include Chapter Approved
-- Include Campaign Books
-- Include Imperial Armor
-- Include Legends
- Space Marines
-- Space Marines (including IA Chapters)
-- Space Wolves
- Imperial Titans
-- Adeptus Titanicus


Posted by deano » Sat Jul 18, 2020 3:08 am

Completely re-enginerred the way the unit works to match the way the rest of the chapters work.

The final "close the book" update for 8th should be up soon. We have already started on 9th (kinda) but as usual therw is a minimum 30 day moratorium from book release to file release.

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