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Welcome to a New Datafile...

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Welcome to a New Datafile...

#1  Postby Homer_S » Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:54 am

... for a game that set the stage for the 40k we've known for years.

This is setup quite differently than the 40k files. The factions for the Primary Detachment and any Allied Detachments are setup during roster creation. Other rules, primarily Force Org Chart and Rite of War are setup there as well. The main units you see are Detachments. Individual Units are added as options. Explore and try it out.

Bug Tracker

Current Status (as of v1.01)
  • HH:LA-AoD -> ROWs for LA-Legions and Crusade Imperialis. 
  • HH:LA-Legions -> Ultramarines 
  • HH:Mechanicum Taghmata -> None? 
  • HH:Crusade Imperialis   
    Solar Auxilia -> New units
    Militia & Cults -> All 
  • HH:Books I through V: None?
  • HH:Book VI - Retribution -> All 
  • HH:Book VII - Inferno -> All 

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Re: Welcome to a New Datafile...

#2  Postby deano » Fri May 04, 2018 1:02 am

Well it wasn't popular demand, I just said something as an aside...  and he rebuilt the whole thing.
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