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Forgeworld Open Day...

Advance news or just a rumour, post them here for all to see.

#16  Postby Lemmings » Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:57 am

I've ever so slowly been making an army out of the new Krieg models, if only because I had started Krieg long beforehand. I just never truly embraced the Steel Legion guys painted as Krieg...
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#17  Postby Spack » Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:43 am

Chunky_Baby wrote:We'll see... nothing they have out right now excites me that much. I'd love to see how many people are actually investing inthe Kreig stuff enmasse.


While not "en masse", I do have a few Kreig - 3 infantry squads (1 of each), 1 heavy stubber squad, grenadier squad, grenadier special weapons, command squad, 1 thudd gunn + crew, centaur, grenadier centaur, and a few tank commanders. I'm also looking to order a Macharius, death riders, and a heavy mortar later this month. Once IA5 comes out I'll try out the new units in games, and see whether I want to invest in some more thudd guns or heavy mortars. As to the Russ tanks, I'm waiting till the turrets are available separately, it's too much to buy a whole tank (especially as I have over 30 IG tanks already *cough cough*).

For now the Kreig will be fighting alongside my Steel Legion (I have just over 100 of these), until one day maybe I'll have enough Kreig to field an entire IG army and the Steel Legion will get sold off.
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