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Summary of all the current Chaos info

Advance news or just a rumour, post them here for all to see.

#17  Postby Wraithlord » Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:04 am

Warmonger wrote:Yup, that pretty much is the nail in the coffin.

Do they REALLY think that ANYONE that plays one of the old legions (Thousand Sons, Iron Warriors, Death Guard etc etc) is going to want to use this lame ass army book? It sounds like a complete disaster and neutering of chaos.

Um me. I will so be all over the ability to actually field a variety of units in my Sons army it isn't funny.
Thousand Sons: kicking ass like never before
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#18  Postby osman » Wed Jun 20, 2007 4:26 am

Yeah, I'm cautiously optimistic. I think that overall, the new Eldar codex is a substantial improvement over the previous one. Honestly, there's more than enough insane gear/powers/rules in the myriad existing armies. The game can benefit from some streamlining. And I think that doing things like they did with the Eldar list (balancing out the FoC, rather than making special rules for various sub-lists) keeps the whole codex simpler, while still letting people have very different lists. Of course, who knows how much of this information will turn out to be accurate - ultimately all we can do is wait and see.
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#19  Postby Rayne » Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:21 pm

While im all for streamlining and balancing, theres some awfully unbalanced things in the Eldar codex. *coughFarseerPowerscough* And there are also things that people bitch at me for in my Dark Angels, namely, fielding Terminators as troops, and Teleporting 6" away from the enemies front lines on the first turn. Or Droppodding in a Dreadnaught into assault. And i hear people complaining already about how unbalanced Blood Angels are already, and the other half of the codex isnt out yet. So while the codex's are getting the much needed cleaning up and scrubbing they need, they are also doing things that make some armies undefeatable. This year, at the Vegas Games Day, the tournament consisted of almost all Eldar armies. That should say something about how effective the old units are against the newer, streamlined and updated ones. Things like Orkz who havent gotten an upgrade since 2nd edition are nearly unplayable, because of so many rules conflictions that they cant play a game without an arguement. Other old codices also fall under the same boat. Certain Space Puppies rules directly conflict with 4th edition rules, and ive seen people pack up and leave because they got so pissed off at the other player, because they couldnt agree on the rules. This rolling release of new codices further aggrivates the problem because by the time a new WH/DH codex comes out, 5th edition will have been released, and the rules will have changed yet again.

Anyways, im ranting, and need to stop.

I'll sum this up fast. :P

Streamlining = good. Rolling releases causing rules fluctuations = bad.
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#20  Postby harkan » Wed Jun 20, 2007 4:52 pm

am very drawn on this new codex, khornate chainaxes are no more which was my first grrr moment as well as various other things whihc caused me to raise an eyebrow several feet above its usual position.

i'll have a check when i get chance n be able to give more of a definite on which are rumours and whihc are definites

still very much unsure if i like it or not
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#21  Postby Chunky_Baby » Tue Jul 31, 2007 3:44 pm

One word = Pissed.

Having played against the Eldar now, I can catagorically say that while it WILL open up options for everyone (meaning I can somehow play Havocs, Heavy Weapons, and Obliterators in a WE army) which is alluring in a way, and very powerful.

But taking the Eldar in question - there is no point having any fluff anymore. Basically - any army just takes as many of the harder aspect warriors as it can, regardless of whether that craftworld could have taken them in the first place.

It's totally killing fluff... all the armies just look the same.

I am disgusted frankly, as it means my lovely converted squads of Posessed will be pick and mix, and Khornates are now worse at fighting than a lot of other units.

No berserk anymore - but that's kinda what made it fun... and they will be slow unless they climb in a transport - but oh look - they'll get shot to crap from under them from the myriad of scatter lasers, las cannons and what not that everyone field!

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